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Chairman's Report 2015

After a very mild winter and an early spring and summer, the sheep have gone on an thrived very well this year.  This is more than can be said for the sheep trade which has struggled all year against a strong pound, a slow home market and cheap new Zealand imports, as a consequence of this breeding sheep values have dropped, though cull ewe trade has been strong and has slightly lessened the impact.

As a council we have had a fairly quiet year as we decided not to attend the regional NSA events around the country.  The decision was taken mainly because it was felt that we are not getting value for money at these events.  On the subject of Money, even though we have plenty behind us, we as a council are very aware that the Society is only treading water financially and even though we are not a ‘money making’ organisation we have got to be mindful of costs and value for money.

The membership currently is at 285 members.  This year we arranged our first ‘National Show’ in the 92 year history of the society, which was held at The Bucks County show.  This was fantastically well supported with 17 exhibitors and over 85 sheep and must have been one of the best shows of Wiltshire Horns that has ever been put together.  After much deliberation Judge Iolo Owen placed Dafydd Thomas’ old ram Champion and thanks must go to everyone who was involved in the day.  For the National Champion the society used the old Royal Show Trophy ’The Brockhall Cup’ and on a personal level I think its lovely that this cup presented by my grandfather in 1950 is back in use for what it was meant for.

While on the subject of shows we had a new show this year at Hanbury and I still would like to get another couple of shows to host Wiltshire Horn classes.  One possibility would be to move the National Show around the country and try to get a feeling for what shows would be right for us.

I would like to thank the Council and especially Christina our Secretary for all the support they have given me over the last 12 months.  And finally like last year I would like to thank all the showmen dn women who take the time and have the pride ane belief in the breed to show these sheep, no one more than Tim and David Williams who I suspect have been to more shows than anyone else, have taken the banner and leaflets with them and have done more to promote the breed than anyone else, for that I thank them both.

Stuart Brodie


Submitted: 26-06-2015

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