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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where can I buy my first sheep?

The Society holds three official shows and sales each year where large numbers of stock are sold by auction . The dates and venues for these can be found on the EVENTS page and catalogues will be available to download from the  DOWNLOADS page or from the Secretary approximately two weeks before the sales.

Alternatively look at the STOCK FOR SALE section of this website or contact local breeders in your area listed on the LIST OF MEMBERS page.

2. What should I look for in a Wiltshire Horn sheep?

The BREED STANDARD sets out the points to look for. As the breeds success relies heavily on its self shedding ability, a tight skin with little wool is a must.

3. How do I know stock is pedigree registered?

Each sheep must have a society approved ear tag confirming its flock number, its individual number and its year of birth. These numbers MUST be corrected stated in the Flock Book, usually in the sheep's year of birth.  Should you require confirmation that the stock you wish to buy is registered please contact the Society Secretary.

4. What ear tags have to be applied to lambs in order to register them with the Society?

Please see the relevant requirements specified on the EAR TAG NOTICE FEB 2013 which can be found on the DOWNLOADS page for further guidance.

5. Who is able to apply for pedigree status?

Only the breeder can register a sheep.  Furthermore a sheep can only be registered if it's parents are also registered in the Society Flock Book.  Should a sheep not be registered it's progeny will not be eligible for registration.  Please see Responsibility for Registration of Sheep 2013 on the DOWNLOADS page for further guidance.

6. Will ewes take to the Ram all year round?

No, Wiltshire Horn ewes will only start to cycle in the autumn, with one crop of lambs usually between February and April.

5. Who should I approach with other stock or husbandry questions?

Please contact the Secretary, preferably by email, or leave a telephone message outlining your query.