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Breed Standard

RamStandard Horned Breed

Male and Female Horned

Horn falling back with uniform graceful curve clear of the head. In the male a stronger horn and with a second curve, which makes a picturesque adornment characteristic of the breed.

Head Ears: Inclined to be long and broad

Face: Wide and of medium length; pure white in colour

Eyes: Big, bright, quick, prominent and fearless

Nose: Wide nostril, with the flesh part of the nose preferably dark, with a roman profile

Teeth: Strong and set into a good strong under jaw free from any sign of weakness

Neck: Medium length. In rams wide at the poll and back of ears, and gradually enlarging in all lines to a strong full junction at the shoulder as seen from the sides or bottom. Ewes lighter and more feminine.
Ribs Well sprung and with a full heart
Chest Deep, with a well filled Brisket
Shoulder Wide and oblique
Back & Loins
Long and level, well covered with flesh. Tail broad and well set up.
Legs Forelegs straight and wide apart. Hind legs full of meat to a well angled hock with good flat bone, with strong pasterns and sound feet.
Underline Good straight, naked
Skin Pink in colour and covered in short, kemp wool which fall as the sheep gains condition in early spring.
Colour White, black ticks are permitted
Live weight of rams 126kg, ewes 72kg
General Summary
Proud and stately on short legs with certain grandeur of carriage. Pronounced masculinity in male and ewe's feminine in appearance.